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29 March 2020

In the last couple of years, my website only consisted of links to my profiles on the internet. I blogged in the beginning of my twenties mostly about myself and not about what I do (as we all did in our first post on Twitter and Facebook in the old days).

Recently I got into listening to Podcasts again and stumbled over a talk with Scott Hanselman where he mentioned that we all have a limited number of keystrokes left. Instead of sharing knowledge only to a single person he recommends writing a blog post about it and share it to a broader audience. There is a decade old blogpost of him about this topic.

I found this quite inspiring and had already instantly one or two topics in my head. Guilty about the Imposter Syndrome, I always thought (and still do) that the stuff I do or know are common sense and not worth to blog about it. But is that true?

Long story short, I got my hands dirty and played around with Gatsby and Tailwind CSS for the first time. The outcome of it is what you see right now.

I’m very thrilled how it worked all out. The documentation and plugin landscape of Gatsby is just awesome, and the utility class approach of Tailwind really helped me to get something together in hours instead of days. I didn’t write a single CSS class myself which still blows my mind. You can find the source of this blog on my GitHub repository.

Despite knowing that I settled for a clean and simple layout, I’m very pleased about the reported Lighthouse score:

Lighthouse Score

This is the first time I used a static site generator myself and I’m very happy with the stack choice for this blog. I know that if I wanted to have a Wordpress blog this fast, I would have to cache the hell out of it to get where it is now. Beside having a blog, i learned new tools already in the process.

Thank you Scott!


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